Saturday, November 05, 2005

california food

I have eaten some very good food during this trip to California. I particularly enjoyed the Sushi we ate today. I had a rainbow roll and a beef and asbargus wrap. Asbaragus is a speciallity of Stockton. Yummy. Last night I deviated from tandori chicken to try tandori fish at a local indian restaurant. Anyway there are a lot of balloons around Stockton. Everywhere we went, there was at least one balloon. It must have been the ballon seller shedding his wares.


I sit in the Radison hotel in Stockton California. I am attending an interview at the University of Pacific. I just went out this morning for a little stroll. There is a little canel close to here that is a bit like Venice. THis is very California. There are a couple of nice coffee shops around the hotel. They open late (12:00 am) and have free wireless. I had a quick stoll to some local Malls. Things seem more interesting than Utah because there is a lote more ethnic shops. I can't say I am so keen on the Mall culture, but I found a place to train in Taekwondo and an indian market. There are too many balloons aroud here for my taste. There was a sad big red ballon tethered outside a half empty shoppig mall close to the hotel. A bit further on, I saw a Mexican woman forlornly standing outside a big piza restaurant holding a cluster of balloons. I am reading Maul by Tricia Sullivan. This is some subtle pun on Mall. The book has some strange gun battle between some young girls in a dseigner shopping Mall