Sunday, March 26, 2006


I got a NWA CD from Virgin for about 4 quid. As I listen to it, I see myself riding a car with my gang and numerous weapons. I am way hard armed to the teeth. But, I guess the CD is old, and most of NWA is either in movies or dead. I am pretty sure I have seen a film with ice cube in it. It would have been cool to be a white boy gangster when the CD came out, but I guess I have missed that wave of fashion of coolness. I'm a virtual gangster, slpurting my blog viruses at the cyber pimps.


I have had a lot of problems with my ankle. It seems to have totatally distorted the way I walk. One person, helpfully suggested that the problem may be due to gout. As I am in denial, I decided I would not look this up on google. What I remember of gout is that it has something to do with alchol abuse, but also it is also a disease of the upper classes. I would have expected the squire of the manor to have gout, but not a humble grunt as my goodself. It is clear what to do for a cure. It is a three step program: i) no more fancy restaurants, such as Burger King, for me. A good clean honest bag of chips is all the substance that I need. ii) watch more football games. Squires don't watch football, so it will help with the cure. iii) Read the sun newspaper. On the other hand, the "house" TV series has made limping kind of cool. Although people seem to get annoyed when they have to wait a long time to get from A to B.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mind Gym

I am slowly reading the book called "mind Gym". This book is meant to wake my my mind up. Perhaps, it will help me tune in. This is sort of self help book repackaged with a bit of science and without all the annoying touchy feely stuff. There is a sectin of the book on relaxation. This involves going into my relaxation room. Trouble is, I keep seing various scenes in the film fight club where he burns himself with acid and then fights his use of his power animal in his power cave. I do seem to need to read some of these self help books.


It took the landlord's people four days to fix the sewage problems in my bathroom. I was having to take my morning crap at Macdonalds. One morining I had to wait twenty minutes for a guy to get out of a toilet. I think that as part of toilet training, men should be taught the importance of the rapid use of the toilet.

Lady vengeance review

I was watching TV last weekend. There was a program where they interviewed people coming out of a cinema. The review of the film Lady vengeance was quite clever. The reviewer note that in the fim many people died in many weird ways, but at the end of the film, a child walks barefoot through the snow. He said this was very dangerous and should not be allowed. Some people are so clever.....

booze hound lays his weary head

I have noticed that if I don't have a couple of beers before I go to sleep, that my dreams are much more vivid ande colourful. I am not sure why this. My alchold fueled sleep tends to give me dreams of work relate strees and unfinished projects. My clean sober sleep is almost an alien landscape of strange sites. I could try and claim that the booze kept these trance like dreams in some kind of check, but it is not manly to be scared of dreams. As the surrealists say "freedom to the imagination", so I will get up and get another glass of orange juice.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Murder 1

Obviously, the first thing I need to about this murder thing is to plug the word "murder" into google.,GGLC:1970-01,GGLC:en&q=murder Normally, I would try and do this from an anonymous machine, such as the ones in Macdonalds or at an internet cafe. I don't want to get caught of course. Anyway, I am not sure that google is of much help here. I don't see how a murder victim support group is going to help me in my quest. One of the paid links looks useful. I can find out whether an ex-con lives next door. Given that I live in Toxteth, that is fairly likely. Perhaps, I could get the ex-con to do the deed for me. The paid advert link to the teen sucide prevention link is sort of strange to pop up when you search on "murder". Perhaps, it helps the CID. The Wikiepedia link is interesting. If the victim lives longer than a year and a day, after the attack, then in common law, this is not classed as murder. If only I had practised more my Dim Mak karta, then my method would be clear.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

murder 0

I think I would like to increase the readership of this BLOG. I need some kind of stunt to pull people in. I am very slowly reading "in cold blood" by Capote. This is the take of two men who murder a family at a farmhouse. It caused a sensation at the time, because although the events were real Capote made up dialogue, both internal and external. In this age of BLOGs and 24 hour news, it is clear the next step is to use a BLOG to plan a murder. THat would be much authentic than made up dialogue by some fancy New York writer. Of course people routinely use video tapes to document their blood splattered crimes, but a BLOG entry is much more literary. I can see a number of problems with this idea. 1) The Police don't think it such a good idea and I get charged with being mentally unstable in charge of a BLOG. "Yes, constable I do know that murder is illegal, but isn't planning it like some kind of creative act" 2) My work thinks that I am bringing the department into disrepute and I get a bollocking. I guess I will have to find a way this will enhance the departments RAE rating. 5* or death. 3) I plan the murder by BLOG, but someone else does it. This would be like the plot of the film "strangers on the train". I don't think I would like this. Also I wouldn't be very popular in Liverpool. People might think I was evil, or something. Anyway, if I did plan a murder on the BLOG, I would get more readers. Also, I might be interviewed on the Today program. Life is full of many tough choices.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Lady vengeance

I went out to see the film "Lady Vengeance" on Wednesday. This was the third part of the vengeance trilogy by the Koread director Park Chan-Wook. I had first seen the film "oldboy" by the same director. THis had just blown me away with its violence, insanity and total power. I enjoyed Lady vengance don't get me wrong. There was a strange mix of almost comedy, mixed with painful emotions, and topped off with violence. Watcing the heroine's face as she got other people to murder the villan of the film was disturbing. Parts of the film were very painful to watch while others were just cool. I still like oldboy as the best film out of the trilogy, but that might be because it appeals to the loner in me. The film had a sense of ambiguity about it that I liked. It was never clear what peoples motives were.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


My bathtub is full of s**t. At the end of the week the bath would bubble stuff up at around 11 at night. I thought that some kind of demon was trying to communicate to me. I studied the remaining stains, but my knowledge of Egyption script was not good enough to read the message. I couldn't decide whether to encourage the demon or try to destroy it. So I could have tried to raise the demon from the pipes using a drop of human blood, or I could have sent him back to hell using "holy water" (once I had stolen some). I decided I would try "Mr Muscle" instead. I should have tried holy water, as now things are in a terrible state. I guess it is time to ring the landlord, to exocise the filled pipes.


I have finally finished read the book "Labyrinith" by Kate Mosse. Why did I even think I would be interested in another book about the holy grail? It is much better written than that Dan Brown stuff (but that is not so hard), but am I interested in finding the grail? I managed to finish the book, but I felt strangely unmoved by the characters. Now that gnostism is in the main stream, I am much less interested in it. People, in England, have no problem accepting that the Devild made the University, when God was distracted it. I an intersted in importality, but there I think more about a AI computer solution. Anyway I am just happy to have finish a book.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

I watched the file "Sympathy for Mr Vengeance" on Tuesday. This is from the same director as the one who made the film "oldboy". I was really impressed by oldboy, so I was a bit disapointed when I started watching the film, when I saw it wasn't like "oldboy". The two films are part of a loose trilogy. The film was very beautiful. Just the way the camera moves around. A good film, should keep you warm for a couple of days afterwards. This film has stayed with me. Although, one of the reasons I like this type of film is the extreme violence, there is also a kind of emotional intensity about the film as well, that is missing from many films made in the West. Attentive readers will have noticed that trilogies come in 3s. I see that the final film called "Lady Vengeance" is playing next week in Liverpool.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I have spend the day at home on account of the AUT strike. I could get used to this life. I watched a bit of TRisha on TV. This seems to be families arguing. I don't have the sound on, but they kindly put on subtitles. So I know that one issue was "is my husband having sex with prositutes?" Anyway, the guy didn't look as though he had energy to have sex with anyone. After that there was a program about some kind of lap dancing tour that three women went on. This would have more sense if I had the sound on, but I find I enjoy crap TV a lot more when I have to guess what is going on. Then there was a western film. I have managed to read half of the book "in cold blood" by Capote. Good stuff so far. So not an entirely wasted day.


I have just booked my Easter holiday. I am going to Budapest at the beginning of April.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Sophie Solomon

Normally, I f**king hate musicians with their overt in your face skill and jargon. I am more a lyrics person, but bands need people to play as well. The only instrumental bands that have ever made an impression on me are: John Coltrain (just awesome), Shadowy men on a shadowy planet ( because they had to get their album approved by the queen, because they are Canadian), and Mogwai (because they play a great set at the Barfly a couple of years ago). Anyway given my prejidice against musicians, I still went to see Sophie Solomnon play at the Caling accademy. She plays the violin. It was a good set. I even got the CD. Yeah, there was a bit of lyric to hook people in like me, but there is a kind of intensity in the playing that I liked. I was unsure about the set, when she started out. She seemed like, she wanted the clasical thing and to be a rock chick. A female version of Nigel Kennedy. Perhaps, I am a sucker because a tune was learnt on battleship in the Ukraine (??). I can't say that I go to many gigs where people wear wollen cloaks. Well don't expect to see me in the clasical music section of Virgin or HMV. Nigel Kennedy is still a twat, but perhaps I might move my count of musicians who move me to the large number of 4.

class war

I was feeling very much of the people, when I told the head of department that I was going on strike on Tuesday. This is all part of the AUT action. However, while in Tesco I found myself buying Lord Grossman's tomato and chilli source. Why? This was an extra 40 p over some generic brand. Am I so swayed by breeding that I will buy something made by a Lord I have never heard of. Well, apparently I am. I doff my cloth cap to those in power. As Jack London says, for the revolution.