Sunday, September 07, 2008

Broken Angels

I have just finished reading "Broken Angels" by Richard Morgan. This was a science fiction novel centered around Takeshi Kovacs: the main character in Altered Carbon. I really enjoyed the book. If you are interested in the plot, there is stuff you can look at. Yeah it was brutal. I was beginning to get an annoyed about the number of times he told everyone that he was an "envoy". Envoys were some kind of super soldier, because they had been mentally trained. After while, he did begin to sound like an Oxbridge graduate, as he he let slip that he was an ex-Envoy to another bunch of new people. At least with Oxbridge graduates they all wear ties and scarves, so you can think about strangling them while they describe their ancient teduim of college life. Not because I am jealous, but as city dweller I pity those simple town folk. For reasons still not clear to me Hillhead library tempted me to check out a book by Primo Levi. That is perhaps more worthy, but less fun. There used to be an attampt to get people to put down "Jedi Knight" as religon on the census form. Now, thanks to the crap recent films, this is no longer cool. Anyway I am now a quellist!

Saturday, September 06, 2008


I was listening to the freakzone on radio6 last week. Stuart played a song by Jandek, and talked a bit about his history. Jandek had put out a huge number of albums since the late 70s. He never gave interviews and you you could only get his work from a PO box in Austin Texas. No one really knew who he was. I obviously find this kind of mystique way cool. but I also really like his crazed playing. You can only get second hand Jandek CDs on Amazon. I just ordered a recording of a set he did in Glasgow, but the review on wikipedia, claimed that this CD was not his normal style. Boo hoo, this is going to get complicated. I want Jandek crazy playing CDs and I want them now!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Mill

I have just been out to see a band play at "The Mill". This is what the Oran Mor (on great Western Road) venue is called on Wednesday. You have to text them to get free tickets. The event is sponsered by Miller beer of course, but I was perhaps naively hoping that there might be some other kind beer available. When I hit the bar all the pumps were covered up with Miller signs and the fridge was full of miller beer glaring at me. The future perahos. Anyway the tickets were free, so what did I expect. Tonight Tokyoblu played. I enjoyed them, but I wasn't really in the mood. They opened the season at the Mill with Thomas Tanturm playing. I really wanted to see them play, but the tickets were not made generally available. Oh well perhaps I will get another chance.