Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Earth Shall Overcome

I also borrowed the book Guardians of the Galaxy Earth Shall Overcome from Plymouth library. This was a collection of old school comics. A thousand years in the future, some lizard like race has enslaved the human race. Four defenders fight back in a way that involves a lot of time travel and heroes from other parts of the DC universe.

The stories were simpler than more modern comic stories. There was not the same angst about whether they were doing the right thing.

Batman: The Black Mirror

I borrowed Batman: The Black Mirror from the Plymouth library. This was an amazing and scary graphic novel. The original batman is no longer in Gotham city, but Robin has taken over the bat costume. The son of commissioner Gordon finally shows he is insane. A killer whale is found in a bank with a dead woman inside it. Everyone is on edge and wandering what they are doing in Gotham. The only happy people are insane or evil. The daughter of a minor criminal has gone straight or has she.

The graphics reminded me of the sin city movie.

kiss me deadly on new years eve

It was coming up to New Years eve. I did think of trying to go to the pub for a hour or so, but it seemed more pleasant to watch films at home. The pubs are normally full and many places have cover charges. Of course last year I went to to techno festival until 4:00 in the morning, so all the wildness may not  be fully out of my system.

I decided to watch kiss me deadly on New Years Eve. This was an amazing black and white film. A private detective picks up a girl on the road. Shortly after she is murdered and the detective trys to find out who had done it, partly because he thinks there might be some money in it.

The film ends with a small nuclear explosion on a beach!