Sunday, September 28, 2014

No weight decrease

I weighed myself yesterday. I am now 108 kgs. Boohoo. I have lost no weight over the summer.  When I started work in Plymouth,I did start eating chocolate and crisps again. Even worse I did go to the chip shop and get pie and chips once a week. I have stopped all that, but still my weight has not decreased.

What is worse, a lot of people in the group are on various diets. They seem to be losing vast amount of weight, while I just get heavier.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pub talking

I was in a pub on Wednesday night. I was just drinking a beer after training and the gym, before the bus. The pub was essentially empty. A group of older women were talking loudly in the corner. They seemed to be playing some mind of dare game. One woman was challenged to "get off with the oldest guy in the pub." Although the pub was normally a place for old hardened drinkers, I could have been the oldest person there. It would have been that they were going to a club afterwards.

One woman went to the bar and asked for a large piece of paper. Perhaps I should have gone over and turned on my charm, but it was time for the last bus.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A coward walks to a Kung Fu class

I have been doing various deadline things recently, so no blog postings. I went to bed late with a lot of stress, so I am feeling tired today. I almost didn't go to Kung Fu, but I decided a bit of exercise would do me good. As walking to the class I saw two guys get into an argument with a group of kids on skate boards. The two guys were walking in my directinn, but they were ahead. On guy had his shirt off - a real bad ass no doubt.

I started getting nervous, but though they were walking slowly, they were still walking faster than me.