Tuesday, February 28, 2006

heads or tails

I have spent the day feeling a bit bitter. Such is life is when you get older. Sometimes chance deals you a good hand, and other times it pisses in your face. I was just turning off the lights to go to my lonely bed. I noticed that a pound coian was standing on its edge. I find it difficult to believe that I have the coordinatation or interest to put a pound coin on its edge. Perhaps I was trying to decide some future course by spinning a coin. This seems unlikey. My place has clearly been searched by the CIA, or Mi5, or somedody hidden in the bowels of somegoverment. I would be scared if I had anything to hide. Even my kownledge of location of the hippy stick, hidden beneath my laziness and sloth, is of no interest to the powers that be, even though it could destroy them all.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

That little red light

I know I have been a bad person, but I can change. I use to leave that TV on standby. I always found that little red light comforting. If I rise screaming from my bed after some nightmare, I can quikly hit the remore to get some late night banal TV to slow my beating heart and send me back to bed. Anyway it doesn't seem fair that by leaving the TV on, I am helping melt the icecaps and increase global warming.

another bad capote day

This Capote thing is getting on my nerves. I wanted to get a copy of "in cold blood" by Capote. I thought I could cheat by going to the University Library. There should have been two copies, but there were none. I thought this book was meant to be a novel, but it seems to be classified in the criminal section. The library on Sunday seems to be full of women. Normally this would be sweet, but when you are trying to find a book called "in cold blood" that is in section filled with books about jack the ripper, violence against women, and the aging criminal, you find that yes, female readers notice you, but not in a good way. It looked as though the book has been stolen. Fine, I thought, let me go back and see Mr Amazon take care of my base needs. The web surf thing took way longer than I thought. The movie tie in thing is not working for this Capote film. I finaly ordered the book, so it can join the pile of books to be read. Even as my shelves fill with DVDs, I just want to read the book before I see the film. Is that so wrong?


At the gig on FRiday I took a piss in the toilets at the bottom of the guild. I heard someone saying that if Liverpool University was meant to be a to such a top city University, then why where the toilets such a piss stained mess. He felt that the students might be put off when they visited. I am sure this type of problem is not seen by senior management of Liverpool University, who no doubt have their keys to their own private toilets that are sweetly perfumed by flowers from China. I did think that perhaps the members of Liverpool University senior managament might want to see how the other half lives, by taking a dump in the student guild toilets. I might even buy a toilet roll for them and hold the door shut while they humbled themselves by living like us normal folks. As I turned around I saw that someone had cut "Captain Beafheart" in the door with a knife. Ok, so perhaps the toilets are not clean, but they do have a certain charm for the diserning music lover.

Lucky Number Slevin

There are a number of good films out at the moment. So I am ashamed to say that I went out to see the film "Lucky Number Slevin" on FRiday. I enjoyed the film, but I felt let down by the ending where it took about 10 minutes to explain all the plot twists. Show not tell guys. I did like Lucy Liu in the film, but that doesn't mean I wasn't happy when she survived.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


I went out to see a band called the "the dogs" play at the student guild at the University of Liverpool. I ca't say that the dogs did much for me. I did like the band before them who had a neat cuban dance band feel to them. Unfortunately, I can't remeember their name, but they were from Manchester, because they gott booed when they mentioned this.


I decided I wanted to read the book "in cold blood" by Capote. I thought if I read this before I went to see the film, it might get me back into this reading thing. I could not find a copy in Blackwells, Watersons, or HMV. Don't these people know, when you need to read about a killer hacking or shooting people you just need to buy the book. There were copies of "breakfast at tiffanies". I have read that book. This seemed to involve a lot of blow heads. Umm, perhaps I will just get a copy from the library, if no one in Liverpool wants to sell me a copy.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

beer festival

I went to the Liverpool beer festival last FRiday. It was all very sophisticated. There were many different types of beer to choose. I drank a number of nice ales from around the UK. I did want ti drink a 1/2 of aaran ale, but it was sold out. Why was this beer so popular. Did the people who drank it suddenly get magic powers. I just imagine that all around Liverpool, there where people who were flying or charming snakes. Perhaps, the beer was so magical that it could remove a beer gut and give the real ale crowd more hair. Ummm, I am a dreamer. I feel that beer drinking should involve suffering. If I want to drink aaran ale, I should travel through the howling wind and visit aaran. After many days of walking, I might perhaps be allowed a glass of the magic stuff, if I found the pub at the top of a lonely wild mountain. Till then I am stuck with stella.