Sunday, March 27, 2016


I am exhausted. I occasionally find myself crying. Only for short bursts and very dry tears.  I wish the weather was better, so I could take a trip somewhere. I have not been out for a drink. I feel better than I did on Thursday.

Celebrate Easter with the Devil rides out.

I feel slightly guilty that I do nothing about Christianity this Easter. Ok, actually I don't. I have spent along time trying to forget about Christianity. I will only have the dim echo of memory from some Bob Dylan songs.  Of course if you take this route, it is easy to fall into sin. Anyway I was watching the great film: "When the Devil rides out",  an old hammer film about black magic.

At the end of the film, there is a fire in the room, where they are holding a black mass. The fire burns down all the symbols of Satan. At the back of the church is a standard cross. The perfect end to Easter Sunday!  If it was raining so hard, I would go out for beer to celebrate being saved.

Fumio Demura

Last night I watched a documentary on Netflix about the Karate master Fumio Demura. I had never heard of the guy, or so I thought. He was the expert who wrote a lot of books about karate weapons, such as the tonfa.

It was also interesting to see the way he organized demonstrations to enhance the visual aspects. Steven Segal was a big fan as well.

The demo below is fun. It is also impressive, given how old he was when he made it.

The documentary would have been better if they had shown his original training in Japan. Also he was important for the first Karate Kid film. It was a bit sad to see him so old, but his spirit seemed unbroken.


Friday, March 25, 2016

The ballad of black Tom

I have not read a fiction book for a long time. So it was good to get back into this reading for pleasure. So this weekend I finished reading: The Ballad of black Tom ,by Victor Lavelle. It was great short novella about black magic set in New York. It is always good to start Easter off with some black magic.

I should say that I really liked the prose style. Actually the book is also about racism, but I liked the magic elements better.

The Man with Iron fists 2

You can see how emotionally drained I have become, because I have not managed to make any blog
entries foe such a long time.

Last night I watched "The Man with Iron fists 2". I have watched the first film, which was OK, but not as good as the original films it copied.

I enjoyed this sequel a lot more. The main star is a rapper from the Wu Tang clan. He is a bit wooden. And he really needs his iron fists, because he doesn't have any good techniques. Still there was a lot of fighting, so I was happy.