Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I did enjoy listening to Camera Obsura play. They are a local Glasgow band, but I did manage to pick up a CD when I was living in Liverpool. But somehow I was surprised by the Organ sound. I also liked the band who played before Yo La Tango. Looking at the list of bands they could be "Broken Social Scene". I will investigate more...

gang of four

I am not totally sure, but I think I saw the gang of four play on Sunday. They seemed to have an angry postpunk like sound. The band had a huge amount of energy. I have already forgotten why I started to listen to the gang of four, but it was a really good set. The singer hit a microwave oven with some kind of bat as the precusion section of one song. It is really bad that I only liked the "old" bands play at the festival. It is not clear that I can stand in a field for 6 hours listening to music. I did seem to be able to cope with pounding beers, but my legs really hurt the nexy day.

more festival stuff

So it rained a bit last sunday while I was at the festival. It wasn't real hard rain, but just spitted for a while, just to let everyone know that with fun comes pain. The last band I saw on Sunday was Yo La Tengo. I thought that a long time ago that I had listened to and perhaps even owned a Yo La Tango CD. I wasn't really expecting a ballad based singer. I thought that Yo La Tango were some kind of interesting indie pop band, but the guys seemed to be a coldplay like clone. I never really understood why anyone liked bands like Coldplay. Wimp assed crap. This opinion is based on the fact that I have never managed to listen that long to a coldplay song. My record is maybe ten seconds. I did manage to listen to Yo La Tango a bit longer, but it is not wise to block your ears while walking away from a fsetival in am empty park, when you know that you still have to walk through two underpasses and over a motorway before you get to some Glasgow high rise buildings. Umm, now that I look at the band listing, I now think that the lats person to play was Antony and The Johnsons. And actually the band that I liked who were second to last were Yo La Tango. This makes more sense. Perhaps the review would have made more sense if there were like programs to but and I had not drunk so much beer. Still, I would like to point out that I still think Coldplay suck-- I didn't get that wrong.

indian summer

I spent Sunday at the indian summer festival in Glasgow. This was held at victoria park that is on the outer edge of the West End of Glasgow. My review of the bands is going to be confusing mostly because I didn't see any program for sale, so I was a bit confused to who was playing. Look if youy want "facts" read the NME (or perhaps not). The festival link is here. I will post my review after watching the last episode of Tinker, Taylor soldier spy on TV.

the naked ape

I have been at my my mum's house to help her move. On the journey from Glasgow I read "the naked ape" by Desmond Morris. This is a zoologisrt studying humans and putting them in context of our animal relatives. Very insightful. Modern life is not so different to animals fighting on the planes.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

the jage letters

I have just finished the book the yage letters by William Buroughs and Allen Ginsberg. This is a book of letters between Burroughs and Allen as they search for yage in South America. Yage is some kind of vine that is used as a drug. When Burroughs first finds and takes it, he starts vomiting and almost ODs. Scoring yage didn't look to be so much fun, but I guess that these things have to be experienced. I now want to travel in South America, but I doubt that it is very safe. I should do more research than watching the film city of god. (None of the yage letters is set in Brazil). The junkies in the 1950s were very literate, almost stylish.

Indian summer

I am spending tha weekend at a summer musical festival in Glasgow called Indian Summer. This a two festival in park fairly close to where I work in the West End. The weather behaved itself. It was drizzling in the morning, but stopped when the bands came on stage. I am beginning to doubt whether I am still an Indky kid, because some the bands didn't to to much for me. The headliners were the "yeah yeahs". The lead singer was cute, but the sound was too happy for my gloomy taste. Of course I enjoyed the fall play. They had an angry intense sound and Mark was in good form. The audience liked it as well. I gave my thoughts on the fall to a microphone for radio6. I don't think I let Mark down, but I had drunk a large quantity of beer (just in case it started raining). I did spout conventional plattitudes. I am going to enjoy today's bands more