Sunday, March 22, 2015

Political shame

I was sitting in my flat, just ideally digesting my lunch. The buzzer to the front door rang. I pressed the button and someone told me that there was a survey. I went to the front door. It turned out that the survey was for the Conservative party. I was so polite. I got confused by the paler shade of blue. He was an old guy, nice enough.

Did I really end the conversation with "Good luck" ?

Grr,  I am so weak.  What did I learn from reading all those Noam Chomsky novels?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Knight and Day

I watched the film Knight and Day this week, after having recorded it over a year ago. It was a fun light thriller with Tom Cruise as the superman CIA rogue agent.  I found Diaz's character kind of annoying.

Still a light level of violence, when you can't read, coz your brain is too fried.....

The Mexican

I was trying to think what kind of week I had. In my late night TV watching mode, I am slowly trying to watch all the films I saved on my digital recorder. I watched the Mexican, a film starring Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. It was a fun gangster film with a lot of twists and a bit of folk lore, but till not too intense.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

There is a night club in my toilet.

I drink tea all day and finish the day with a beer or two. As a result I end up going to the toilet too much during the night, when I am trying to sleep. I have now installed a green/red light on the toilet seat, so that I don't have to switch the harsh white bathroom light on.
   I now feel I have a nightclub in my toilet.   This will freak out anyone, who is unlucky enough to stay with me. It also solves the lid up war between men and women, because if I put the lid down, the light may fall off. Sorted!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


This week i watched the film parallels via netflix. It started a bit weekly, but then got going. It had a good cliff hanger at the end, but the film felt like the start of a long running series, than a stand alone film. It was also a bit strange that I couldn't find much information about the film, or any other episodes.  Anyway the above review explains a pilot got updated to a film. But will further episodes be made?

Time travel and primary school

There is a primary school on the route from my home to work. If I am such a lazy bum that I am not at my desk by 9:00 means that I walk through a crowd of parents dropping off their kids. Yesterday, I heard a little boy chant "I want a time machine/" Don't we all, I thought.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

kill list

This week I watched the film "kill list".  This was a great  and very strange horror film.  The first part shows one of the guys with his family, but it was a strange familiy life. I liked the way he ate the stuff that cat brought him. He had a bad tempter, but he was a good father.

The second part was more violent, ok actually it was very violent. I am still haunted by the phrase "was that 20 minutes."

Parenting skils in the pub

I was drinking a beer in a pub close to the bus stop. A guy started to talk to his son on the phone. He was very loud. It looked as though he was divorced and he was arranging to pick his son up the next day and to take him to the park to ride his bike. But then he started telling the kid off. He asked where mummy was. The guy helpfully repeated what the kid said. His mum was in bed.

I went for a piss, but the guy followed me into the bathroom. He locked himself into a cubicle and continued the conversation.  He then asked the kid, whether he had sweets pills. He said he wasn't happy with the kids voice. He told the child to just drink water.

I then left the pub to catch my bus. I can't help feeling, that calling your son from a pub is a bit rude, when they are not old enough to have a pint as well.  I hope the kid was just on a sugar rush, rather than anything harder.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

The Mystery Road

The BBC Iplayer was showing a great Australian film called "The Mystery Road". A single detective is trying to find who killed a young girl and dumped her into a pipe. The landscape of the film was amazing.


This week I watched a film called Divergent. This was a film based on some kind of Teen novel. People are assigned into 5 different factions. A cute 16 year old joins the army/police faction. At first she is crap, but with some training , she gets better. The army/police faction like laughing and free climbing. You get into their base by falling onto a trampoline through a smashed hole in the floor.

Perhaps the science fiction aspects were a bit naive and the teen romance stuff was boring,
but I enjoyed the film.