Sunday, May 31, 2015


I dreamed a lot last night, mostly fueled by an alcohol free day. At one point a rat came out of his hole. I know I should be cleaning the floor more. There were some disturbing gaming/TV dreams where I was connected with a group of other people.  Perhaps even worse I was sitting in a living room with a couple and their child. They refused to accept their child was disabled. For some reason I thought the child was me.

A woman at a German hotel

Last week I was in Germany for a couple of days. Germany was the same as usual. I didn't realise how hard it was to get from Bonn from Bonn-Cologne airport by train. I should have got the bus.

When I walked into the breakfast room of my hotel. There was a woman siting with her back to me. She was eating her breakfast, staring out at the view of a Bonn road. She looked like a woman I was secretly in love with, but I have not seen for about 5 years. I could have broken the spell and waled around the room to stare at her, and say "hi, I wasn't expecting to see you here,", and we would make arrangements for drink later.

But it just seemed so unlikely that the woman was my secret desire and I had work to do, emails to write. I drank a quick coffee and shoveled some fruit salad into my screaming stomach. I left the hotel and walked to my meeting. I am too old for lust  to hold me for very long.

A burning cross scars my back, but no one cares.

I have been feeling pissed off by an  email about my teaching (or lack of). Last night I dreamed there was a burning building, perhaps a church.  I was rescuing people, although this does seem out of character. I was shouting orders. There was a huge iron cross outside the building and the heat had turned it red hot. The cross fell on me. I screamed with pain, even though it was quickly pulled off me. Somehow it fell on me again. Oh the pain.

I awoke in my bed, but in a confused state.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Last night I finished watching "Streetfighter assassin's fist" . I enjoyed it, even though I don't know the game the film was based on. Two guys were training at a dojo and there was some mystical aspect to their training. The film was part in English and part in Japanese. But there was no subtitles for fairly long sections of the film.

It was a strange film, because it looked to be part of a miniseries. Now that I do a web search I see that is released as a web series first.

The martial arts was basic kick boxng with some meditation throw in.

The film streetfighter with Sonny Chiba is more interesting, because it seems based on old school Karate or Kenpo.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Friday night

Now that lectures are over, I can spend early evening on Friday at the Gym, followed by a few downtown beers. People are normally very polite in the gym, partly because when you see the amount of weight some of the people can lift and it makes you think that may be able to hit hard.
(This is probably not true, but strength is always good to have).

I drank my after gym beer and walked t the bus stop. Outside the walkabout bar, the door staff had stopped a drunk guy from going into the pub. He was trying to get the bouncer to shake his hand, the bouncer said "no mate."   The drunk guy through a very slow haymaker at the bouncer, but stopped it about 6 inches away. I walked on by. The guy was clearly all talk and most of the talk was from the ale.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Election blues

Another deeply depressing election. It is unbelievable that the conservatives are back in. So we are going to now get another New Labour leader for the Labour party. Any mild attempt at reform of the business sector is not allowed. I have just stopped listening to the news.

Still life goes on. It is very similar to 1992, when major got in.