Sunday, June 21, 2015

Milk and drinking

With this week's order of shopping I bought a bottle of Tia Maria with two cartons of milk. There was Vodka in the freezer, so I thought I would try to make a White Russian cocktail. 
It tasted great, but I didn't get the separation of layers.

Below is what wikipedia claimed it should look like:

Perhaps I should try cream rather than milk?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Milky boozy Friday

I was sitting in the Nowhere pub in Plymouth on Friday after work. I had planned to go to the gym, but it was raining and my feet hurt in the new shoes I was wearing.  A guy came to the bar with a carton of milk and he ordered a drink. He hurriedly  stopped the bar maid as she tried to use the pubs own milk in his drink. I don't think he was drinking coffee or tea, so he was drinking some kind of basic cocktail. Ok, perhaps he has some milk allergy I thought, or perhaps he is trying to save some money, by using milk from the store. He paid with coins from a small plastic bag.

About 10 minutes later, he pulled out a plastic bag with a thick wad of tenners in it, which he counted
out onto the bar. At this point I had finished my pint and since the guy was freaking me out, I decided to leave.

The key issue is what he was drinking with the milk. It looks as though he was drinking a White Russian.

Black unicorn

I did recently manage to a read a book. Luckily the book was short:  Black Unicorn  by the recently deceased Tanith Lee.  This was a great book, about a young woman who can mend anything.  She mends the bones of a black unicorn and things go a bit crazy and colourful.

I don't really follow fantasy too much, so I only learned of her existence when she died.

Spring brings desire

So although it is windy in Plymouth, there is much less rain, so we can safely say that spring is here. I can also feel desire for the warm of a woman's touch growing. I was in the pub on Friday night with a beer and a chaser of whisky. The place was a lot fuller than normal. My eye was caught by a woman with a bag with "girl scientist" written on it. She was drinking a bottle of punk IPA. Notice that I am not one of those sexist Nobel prize winning scientists, because I just mention her personality rather than what she looks like. It would have been rude to try to start a conversation. Also I was wearing new trainers and my feet were on fire.