Sunday, May 29, 2005


I just finished off "the Rum Diaries" by Hunter S. Thompson. I had a massive hangover on Saturday, but I managed to end the book. I had started reading it at the start of the year. I really enjoyed the book, but the main message I got from it was that if you drink a huge quantity of rum, then bad things will happen. Some very interesting things happened to him, but what the was the point ot it all. I read a review somewhere that clamed his writing had been saved by the drug culture. I think that it was the search for the American dream that made the hedonism of his drug fueled works more interesting. I am also finishing off "the female eunuch" by Germaine Greer. She was a lot less annoying in the early 70s. Some of the comments are almost insightfull. A book written in dark dusty libraries and then evenings of plentiful sex with partners who could stand her constant chattering. Perhaps this reading experience will make more a more sensitive man?

Monday, May 23, 2005


I have been getting more sleep lately, but that means I have been dreaming more. I had one dream where I was hugging someone I really like. This would have been fine, except that their face was all burnt and scared under a plastic pale mask, so I could not kiss her. Two nights ago, I dreamt that a woman cam into my bedroom with some books that I lent her. She then lent me a copy of the bible. We stood very close, and she asked what was I doing on the 9th. I asked what day the 9th was, and then I woke up. Thw woman was wearing sensibe clothes. What is my unconcious trying to tell me? There is the fairly obvious point that perhaps I would be happier if I had a girlfriend. I was very worried about the bible reference. Was God trying to tell me something? On reflection there is a long history in the McNeile family of becoming a priest when the need for sexual love becomes overwhelming. Freud was perhaps right afterall, sex explains everything. Anyway I very disapointed in my unconcious. What is the point is telling me what I already know dressed up in transparant fake imagary? Too much beer and cut price DVDs has brought me to this. I expect I just need to read more. Freedom to the imagination!

Sunday, May 22, 2005


There is a weef growing in my living room. There must be a hole in the wall where it can get through. I didn't notice it until it was about 2 foot tall. This is pretty impressive, because the weed is growingv behind the TV. I don't remember buying any magic beans, but I am not so sure that I am totally concious all the time. I will let it grow for a while. It might get bigger and bigger. I will be able to climb up it and steal some giant's gold. I could use the gold to help reduce third world debt, or I could blow the lot on cars, guns and women. I do like the idea of going into the royal bank of scotland branch on Dale street with a big bag of gold bars. The trouble is, I would get arrested and thown in a dark jail. If you have real money these days you are a terrorist or a drug dealer. The giant would then break me out of prison to get his gold back and because he wants to eat me. I save myself my showing the giant how to give himself pleasure using the tunnel under the Mersey. Umm, this is all gettin a bit stressful. Pderhaps I will just cut the weed down. I don't want people thinking I am a freak.

Monday, May 16, 2005

fight club

I am about half way through the book "fight club" by Chuck Palahniuk. I really like the way the words fall on the page. I suppose literary types would call this prose style. The trouble is I am constantly comparing the book to the film. I don't want this to happen. It just happens at a subconcious level. I guess if I was a real man, who wasn't thnking about buying a washing machine and wide screen TV, then I could block these images out. Concentrate on the book. Buy the anarchist cookbook. Smell the morning glory of the case of supermarket soap sitting in the bath.


I can't say I am so excited by the new starwars movie. The last one was OK, but the young darth vader needed a good slapping. Still, I will no doubt go and see it. I think I read a review in maybe the online guardian that claimed that yoda was one of the better actors. What a droll wit. I have read the book "a hero with a thousand faces" that was meant to be very influencial to the plot of starwars. This was one of those books I didn't understand much of. The idea seemed to be that the myth of a hero going on adventure was symbolic of a persons growth as an individual. I hate books were the only thing I remember is the summary on amazon. Perhaps that is what I need is a quest. A mighty adventure, where I would come back with a kingdom, somebody to share my lonely bed with, and some arcane occult knowledge that I could impress the lads down the pub with. After my adventure I would grow to be dignified and old. Yes, but first I need a washing machine as the one I have is broken. I need clean clothes if I am to meet the Elf queen in all her snowy glory.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

High Lord

I am back in Liverpool. The train ride from London fromr Liverpool to London was pleasant. I spent most of the time reading "High LOrd" by Trudi Canavan. I enjoye the book, though it was a bit bloated. Part of the plot involved black magic, where a magician could take power from someone by cutting their flesh. This was considered bad by most people. I supppose it is like some kind of vampire analog. Someone told me of a fim, where a man's mother tried to interest him in "life" by inviting a young lady to tea. She was talkiing about pink dresses, flowers, and stuff so he attempts to hack off his hand with a meat cleaver. This is the kind of film, I don't need to see. So I will start on reading my copy of "fight club" instead. A lucky excape.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Winston Churchill

OK it is VE day today. As I walked to the hotel, I walked past a plaque that said Winston lived their around 1910. I have the biography of Churchill by Roy Jenkins, I wil get around to reading it one day. I have read that Churcill did a lot of reading. I know the guy was a war leader, but he did try to shut down the national health service. Down with all leaders! Different leaders for different times.


This terminal also records some of the titles peopel use on their blogs. What kind of title is barperson. What did this barperson do to the blogger. Did someone spill beer on somebodys clothes. Perhaps there was some kind of digital photograph incident, where a digital photo of a memebr of the bar staff went astray. Perhaps the barstaff was a long lost friend who had faked sucide to avoid telling their girlfriend of various diseases he had given them. Perhaps the barstaff was not human and bit of the head of a cat when the blogger ordered a bloody mary. Or, maybe theblogger had a nicechat how wonderfull LOndon was with a jolly barman in a green pin striped suit. There is a whisky /cocktail bar around the corner. Perhaps, I should investigate. I think it is a piano bar as well. Sounds a bit posh, butI didn't see no doorstaff. I though this was the information age, I don't have much to go with just the phrase barperson. I suppose I could type the phrase into google, but can I really be bothered? Why can't bloggers use more interesting titles?


I have never been that keen on football, but I was pretty excited to see Everton make 4th in the premiership this season. I have no high asperations fro football, but now it does represent the ultimate capatalist dream. If you have enough money and a control freak of a manager then you can win. So it is all about big bucks. Everton where the undogs this season, everyone expected them to go down. But they came 4th behind the big money teams. The trouble with this age of internet acess at work is that it so tempting to read the match reportson line. I am finding this very streesful.

In london

I sitting ina cyber cafe across the raod from Victoria station. Thisused to be an easy jet cafe, but has been taken over by someone else. There are many fewer terminals and the building has the look of a place with its guts ripped out. The IE cokkies that record which users have accessed this google blog gave me alist of user nameswho have made blog enteris here. I am sitting at the same terminal where Howard Hughs wrote a blog. I thought he was dead. Oh well, at least I know the terminal is clean.


I am going to London tomorrow for a meeting. Yeah, London is a big place, but I always end up going to the same places. Rather than have a northen parlimant, I think they rotate the house of commons so that it occasionally sits in Manchester. With the power of wireless, the MPs could sit in the Machester Arena for two weeks a year. Perhaps, this wouls teach the MPs that there is England outside London.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


The best thing I ever read in the New Scientist magazine was that Guy Faulkes was the only honest person to go into parliament. Today is another election. I have the choice of voting either for a tory tory or a labour tory. I am so happy to have such choice. I don't see exactly what the point is. Both big parties agreed that the UK should fight in the Gulf war. There was very little effective opposition in the house. This did not reflect popular opinion. Even now labour is saying that you can't cast a vote of complaint about Iraq. My main analysis of the election swings on Blair buying chips in a chip shop. Did he eat the chips. I bet not. Note eat means eat at least half of the packet. I expect he gave them to a suited intern, saying "I know we don't pay you any money, so a hot meal will do you good." I just don't see a posh git like Blair eating chips. So if he didn't eat them, why did he but them. This is a waste of valuable rescoures. It is people like Blair that help cause the Irish potato famine. I think there should be some kind of investigation. Perhaps, this chipgate scandal will get me a job writing for the Guardian. Before anybdy whines at me about the importance of democracy. It looks as though my voting card is missing. So it may be that I will be voting afterall, I just don't who for.

Monday, May 02, 2005

alternative history was where I became a man

One problem I have with writers stuck in English Lit. departments is that their books tend to be about writers stuck in Universities. This tends to amke the writing a tad dull. The technique is fantastic, but nothing seems to happen to people of no consequence. When I used to read such books, I felt my prejiduce that people who could spell were boring and anal retentive was a fairly accurate. Looking at my blog enteries, I don't really see that I so different (apart from the spelling and grammer stuff). It is all very self centered. OK, if you view a BLOG entry as like a diary then perhaps this may not be totally unreasonable. As my imagination has been a bit sickley lately, I think that desperate measures are called for. Perhaps, I should start an alternative BLOG, where my adventures in a alternative Universe are recoreded. As I write this, I start to think of living in a burnt out pub and eating dogs, while alien beaast roam the streets. Umm, it will be all about me, but in a different place. Perhaps an improvement. I can see that this will end in tears, deportation, or a prison sentence. Still it sounds like fun/


Although I obviously am not effectedby late nighyt TV adverts, I went out and got a playstation yesterday. They are now at the price that I consider getting one. There are a number of new models coming out, so prices are falling. I played a bit of prince of persia last night. I seemed to die a lot, until I found the button for blocking (then it just got boring, as I kept getting hit on the ground and I blocked but couldn't get up). Anyway I now feel that I am a fully complete member of society. Anyway I think it is more useful than watching 2 pounds action DVDs. Anyway there are issues about reality and the interface between the author and the text. Plus I get to hbit monsters with a swords, something that I am not allowed to do in real life. There was a famous case in the 60s where a politician got caught in a scandal involving whores and heavy drinking. His excuse was that he couldn't read anymore, so had to fill his time in other ways. This seems a perfectly reasonable execuse to me. Rebellion through confirmity!