Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mark Thomas

Two weeks ago I went to see the comedian Mark Thomas at the Calstock Arts  I had heard him on the BBC radio shows. He is very political, but it wasn't clear that the show would be funny. However, he was funny and he did have good stage craft. The set was still political. He is spending the year doing 100 acts of minor dissent.

I liked the idea of book heckling, where he would put slips of paper into books in book stores.

The venue was an old chapel by the river. Although it was so dark, I had to take the existence of the river on faith.

In praise of Jason Molina

The days are long past where I would buy two or three CDs per week. Now I just stream music from radio 6 or listen to play on radio4extra. Having said that I just got from amazon, an album by The Magnolia Electric Co, after hearing a track on the Marc Riley show.

I just like the quiet despair of the singing. I was sad to hear that the main guy: Jason Molina was dead -- killed by the bottle.  He wanted to be in a heavy metal band, but frankly you can't tell from
the song below.

Iron man III

Even now that I live in the UK again, I have not managed to go the cinema. I am behind on all the superhero news. What happened in New York with the Avengers? By the magic of Itunes, I did manage to rent Iron Man III, even though I havge not seen Iron Man II.

I thought it was a great film. Probably one of the best superhero movies I have ever seen. I just liked the way his suit was almost his friend. Also he was obsessed with making new suits.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blood work

I joined Plymouth libraty close to the University campus. There is a small section with graphics novels.I just finished off reading Blood work by Kim Harrison. Thee story was about a vampire and witch team. Yeah what ever next.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Storm troopers in the Independent quarter of Pymouth

There is shopping area in Plymouth which is called the independent quarter. I went there today, partly to find the market. There were a lot of small shops. While I walked back I walked past a comic book store. There were 4 guys standing around in various storm trooper like costumes outside the shop.

I looked away and I tried to ignore them.

As it happens I have spent the day reading the graphic novel lucifer, which I borrowed from the local library at Plymouth.

Well I will still end up visiting the comic store, for I feel the need for more graphics novels.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Falling over

It was raining hard today. I went out of my flat to put some stuff into he recycling bin. I wasn't paying attention. I slipped on a wet stone. I slipped very hard on my back. Luckily my back pack saved my back.

My first thought was that my laptop was destroyed, then my ipad was broken.

All the recycling stuff which turned out to be beer cans fell onto the pavement. I was a bit ashamed to be lying in the rain by a heap of beer cans. I shakily got to my feet and limped into work.

All was well, no computer stuff was broken when I got into work. My bum hurt for two days.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

bacon and hearts

I was walking close to some shops in Plymouth. Suddenly I felt that my heart tighten. Oh my God, I thought this is it, I am having a heart attack. After some deep breathing, and burping I started to feel OK again. I should have not eaten that bacon and chips lunch so quickly.