Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Waiting for the bus in a pub

I am feeling really low and exhausted. I went into town to go to the gym. I almost didn't go the gym, but I wanted to go for beer and then get the bus home. But I went to the gym for a reasonable workout. Hopefully I will manage to go again this week..

Then I went for a beer and a whisky chaser in the Noah's ark pub. I go there for a number of reasons. It is not a student bar. Some of the people there are a bit crazy. It is also close to my bus stop.

Today I was in there. A number of women came up to buy drinks. Some guy was shouting at a woman, who was wasted. There is a horrible tone of voice for a wasted  person. The air seems to crackle with the voice of a heavy drinker. Perhaps I should have tried to talk, but I just stared at my drink. The final woman was wearing a straw hat and a flowing skirt. She ordered red wine for the road, but she was drunk in a controlled way. An old guy rushed up to talk to her. She started to quote a few phrases of Latin to him, in a way that made me think of a life with promise, but that the promise has long gone. 

Anyway I got the bust home.

Monday, May 02, 2016


I dreamed I was working in a big team of young people to do some kind of military science fiction project. It wasn't clear what the goal of the project was, but it was very secret. David Bowie was there as well, although I was never a huge fan. We stayed in a big dorm room.

The dream is fading fast from my memory.