Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Killing Joke

I have finally given up any pretence of checking out any books from the library, but graphic novels. I spent part of this weekend reading "Batman: The Killing Joke". This is a famous graphic novel written by Alan Moore. Some parts of the book were very disturbing. The poor librarian who got stabbed. And what did batman do to the joker at the end. I could see the influence of the book on the recent batman films.

Monday, February 16, 2009

boring post with pink floyd

I was talking to my mum on Sunday. I was having problems telling what I had done in the last 2 weeks. Work, eat, drink, and sh*t, doesn't really make a great conversation. I think I am becoming a boring person (or an even more boring person). Does a boring person obsess about listening to Syd Barret play "vegetable man"?

Scottish tea scandal

I like living in Scotland, don't get me wrong, but sometimes national pride can take a weird path. While I have been living here, I have always bought Scottish Tea. I am not sure what I was thinking. I have never been to the highlands, so perhaps there are mighty tea groves up there, however ... I just happened to actually read the packet for Scottish tea. It is designed to be drunk with Scottish water, but the tea comes from Kenya. What? I can't remember buying English tea, when I was living in England or the US. I usually just get the supermarket generic brand. Given the amount of tea I drink in a day this makes fiscal sense. I am not sure why I am complaing, I actually buy Scottish tea, because I like the blue colour of the box.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


When I was a student at University a long time ago, I worked at the National Nuclear Corporation over the summer. One day I heard am overweight older guy tell a woman about the new Batman comic. "It was vary dark," he said. She didn't sound impressed or interested, and I thought this guy is not going to get a date out of this conversation. I was walking to work on Friday, thinking about the Watchman graphic novel. The power of he story still had me in its grip. I am looking forward to the new film. How did my life end up with me spending 50% of my reading time reading graphical novels? There is good graphics novels section in Hillhead library. I have slowly being sampling the books. This weekend I finished a volume of the Sandman series. The book was a reworking various myths. I also read about the "invisibles". Thus book was all about time travel, drugs, sex and violence. So my kind of topics. A couple of weeks ago I read "the quitter" by Harvey Pekar. Pekar is famous for the "American Splendor" comic and film. The quitter was about his early years and explains how he ended up as a clerk.