Sunday, September 27, 2015

Plymouth Surgery

This must have looked like a weird placeholder. I added the information to the wrong area. Still, it looks kind of cool. Of course people could use this information to hack into my medical records to see how the hole in my leg healed. 

2a Beaumont Road 
St. Judes 

Friary house surgery

The keep

While I sit at home trying to recover my long stay in hospital, I have watching the many films in my watchlist for netflix. Last night I watched a horror film called "the keep".  It was a mixture of Nazis and hidden monsters. The plot seemed a bit confusing, but it seemed to be a hard film to make.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kung fu killer

While let me try to restart this blog. It is not as though many things have happened. I have been to Japan again. Also I have spent nearly three weeks in Hospital after a problem with my leg.

Still let us get my writing juices together, while my health improves. Last night I watched Kung fu killer starring Donnie Yen. It was an enjoyable film, based on different martial arts systems. As the reviews say, some of the plot was a bit confused.

There were some great fights though.