Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Universal Soldier 4

Dear Diary,
                 I am lecturing again, so I am all tired most of the time. Even with the small teaching hours.  I have been trying to think about some news to tell you. I have been watching the film Universal Soldier 4. I am enjoying more that the first two films in the franchise. I like the plumber.

At least I don't to drink the odd can of Special Brew this year.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

weapon bag and the first dawn of love

As I was walking across the University campus on my lonely way home,  I noticed an attractive young woman in front of me. But what really drew my eye was that she was carrying a weapons bag, very similar to  the one I own. This small bag is big enough for some sticks. I wonder where, she trains? Perhaps,  at the University JKD club.

She didn't carry the bag in a threatening way, so that was good. But perhaps her red bag didn't carry a blade, but just her drawings.


I was feeling a bit pissed off at the weekend, because of work problems. I decided to read "Eric" by Terry Pratchett. It is part of the long running and very funny Discworld series.. Actually I am also listening to the series on the radio. Young Eric tries to summon a demon and things go rapidly downhill from there. It cheered me up, but I am still deeply pissed off.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chicago Confidential

Last week I visited Durham for a meeting. This involved a long train and flight on the way out and a long train journey back. I managed to read Chicago Confidential while I was travelling. This was a PI novel loosely set in the 50,60s. So Frank Sinatra pops up as a character.

I enjoyed all the atmosphere.

Too busy dreaming

I now always  use my phone as an alarm clock. I have  always wondered what happens when  the alarm goes off and  I am too lazy to switch it off (or when I leave my phone at work by accident). This morning I found out that the phone goes off after 15 minutes, because I was too busy dreaming.

My dream was about time travel and the use of clones or earlier versions as replacement body parts seemed too important to stop. However, in the light of the morning, it seems like a very average idea.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Endangered Creatures

As part of my rip to Durham I finally managed to finish reading Endangered Creatures by Stephen Dunkley. I can't remember why I downloaded the book from Amazon. I sort of enjoyed it. There is a secret zoo of mythological creatures, who are a little bit funny.


I seem to going through a time of low blog posting. Yes I am teaching again. I don't have to do the PGCAP course, until I find out what happens to me because I failed it. I am also not sleeping well. Two or three nights a week, I sleep badly. I now have a stach of natural sleeping tablets.