Thursday, September 02, 2004


I have had agood holiday in Cuba. Although it will be nice when my flight back home is arranged. Cuba is very hot and sweaty. I can just manage about 2 hours of walking about before the heat gets me. I am spending a fortune on bottled water. All the buildings look very interesting, but many don't seem to have been painted for 30 years. It is nice to wonder the streets. Although the ciggar beggars make walking through the tourist areas very difficult. It is nt so easy to buy stuff (such a big bottles of coke) outside the hotel. The US embargo means that there are no 7-11 type stores. (I can live with out convenice stores). I got a copy of "History will absolve me" by Castro. This was an interesting read. It was his defence after being captured by a coup in 1952. He is full of revolutionary fervour, but there is very little Lennist propaganda. You can see from his writing style that he will waffle out great 5 hour speaches when he was in charge.