Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Is it really true that I have not posted for two months. This is the busist time of the year for me. I am just exhausted and can barely get through the day. I don't think that the alien abductions are helping much. My dreams are fairly twisted, witb figures with hidden faces and white robes standing over me with swirling knifes. If people want to perform experiments on me while I am asleep that is fine, but I would like to feel refreshed in the morning. It would aslo be OK, if the experiemnets gave me special poweres. I like the idea of being able to detach one of hands and for it to have a life of its own. This would be really useful for sneaking things through airport security (my nails grow very quikly, I do need them cut on long airline trips). A more mundane application would be for my hand to go and get a beer from the fridge while I am watching DVDs. Then I just need to find a way to go to the toilet as well, and I would neever need to leave the flickering screen. I would be fully compotosed.

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