Sunday, February 15, 2009


When I was a student at University a long time ago, I worked at the National Nuclear Corporation over the summer. One day I heard am overweight older guy tell a woman about the new Batman comic. "It was vary dark," he said. She didn't sound impressed or interested, and I thought this guy is not going to get a date out of this conversation. I was walking to work on Friday, thinking about the Watchman graphic novel. The power of he story still had me in its grip. I am looking forward to the new film. How did my life end up with me spending 50% of my reading time reading graphical novels? There is good graphics novels section in Hillhead library. I have slowly being sampling the books. This weekend I finished a volume of the Sandman series. The book was a reworking various myths. I also read about the "invisibles". Thus book was all about time travel, drugs, sex and violence. So my kind of topics. A couple of weeks ago I read "the quitter" by Harvey Pekar. Pekar is famous for the "American Splendor" comic and film. The quitter was about his early years and explains how he ended up as a clerk.