Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hair gel

On Friday I had my hair cut. I go to a barbers close to the railway station, where I don't need an appointment I thnk most of the people who work there are from Turkish familes.

Even in the UK I am never one for giving detailed instructions on how I want my hair to look like. In my home town of Knutsford, there was one barber, where he didn't even ask me how I wanted my hair cut. He would just do "short back and sides." Perfect for me. In the barbers on Friday I heard one man ask for 1cm of hair to be cut. I have read that giving detailed measurements is normal in Germany for the amount of hair to be removed.

Anyway the young woman cut my hair on Friday was satisfied with my saying "Kurz". At the end of the cut, she put her electric razor on my eyebrows. This has never happened to me before. And then she put her hands in the hair gel. In the UK I always refuse hair gel. What if need to get into a fight -- I can't do that with hair gel on. Anyway I didn't know how to say in German, "no fucking way to hair gel." But I ended up with slightly spiky hair. I felt modern perhaps even a little "hot."