Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hanover day 1

I had booked a short holiday in Germany before I knew I would be leaving Germany in September. I planed to spend two nights in Hannover. However I had soem work related deadline for the first day of the holiday, but in the end I decided to go and finish my work thing off in the hotel.

I arrived in Hanover on Sunday evening.  It was very hot still. There was a big pedestrian area in fro of the man railway station. After a little messing around and frankly not helped by the GPS in my phone I found the hotel. The  hotel looked shut even though it was only 21:00. I pushed the buzzer and the a voice said "hello Mr McNeile we are on holiday, but the key is in your room.", so that was all right.

I then wandered around fro a bit. It was Sunday night so a lot of places were closed. I did have a beer in the Jack the ripper pub which served traditional London beers such as Stella and New castle Brown.
After that I picked up some beer at the kiosk and went back to my hotel room and watched TV.