Sunday, June 29, 2014

Passing through London

I had to pass through London last Thursday. Paddington is the train station which is the entry to London for trains from Plymouth. I have never used Paddington too much.

I have not walked around Paddington station before. I didn't realize there was a canal behind the station. There are some up market bars close to the station. I had about three hours to kill. Unfortunately, it was also rush hour and it was a nightmare to travel around on the tube.

London always seem so dirty, even when it is clean. There are people are rushing around. I went to a pub, ordered a pint and a double Bourbon. I nearly dropped dead when I was charged 12 pounds.

I was waiting for the 19:05 train back to Plymouth. When the platform was announced for the train, I saw a lot of people running for the train. The train was totally full with people in the aisles.  I had to stand for two hours, until the train was way past Exeter St Davids. The train was also very late because of slower stopping train in front of it.  When I was living in London, the evening train from Euston to Manchester on Friday used to be a nightmare, with full trains. But really was it true that the first evening Thursday train to Plymouth is so popular