Saturday, March 07, 2015

Parenting skils in the pub

I was drinking a beer in a pub close to the bus stop. A guy started to talk to his son on the phone. He was very loud. It looked as though he was divorced and he was arranging to pick his son up the next day and to take him to the park to ride his bike. But then he started telling the kid off. He asked where mummy was. The guy helpfully repeated what the kid said. His mum was in bed.

I went for a piss, but the guy followed me into the bathroom. He locked himself into a cubicle and continued the conversation.  He then asked the kid, whether he had sweets pills. He said he wasn't happy with the kids voice. He told the child to just drink water.

I then left the pub to catch my bus. I can't help feeling, that calling your son from a pub is a bit rude, when they are not old enough to have a pint as well.  I hope the kid was just on a sugar rush, rather than anything harder.