Sunday, February 20, 2005


My energy level is so low at the moment. I can't wait until term ends. I can than have a holiday. There are books in the stores that claim to help improve energy levels. Of course they are all full of new age nonsense. But I just feel that I need to do something. I have always felt, that somehow all problems can be solved, by just getting the right book. As a result I have a reasonable large book collections. You never can tell when a certain volume will be needed. What if I am attacked by a demon? Good question, I don't have any books on dark magic. I will not survive on my vague memories of stories by Aleister Crowley. Umm, I don't have anything suitable close by. I must go to Amazon (now) and get some written protection against the dark forces. I have been amused top see how the Blackwells on the Liverpool compus is trying to stay in business. They now sell CDs and videos. It is a fairly small store, but they now have an entire bookshelf on Manga comics. Well that works for me.