Sunday, March 27, 2005


Iam just killing time before I get on a flight to Shannon. I was waitig for some Japanese food. Everything seems to open at 12:30. I can't even get a beer. I can get coffee, so that is not o bad. This must be one of those Scottish things. I am reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. Although O like he book, the science in it is just terrible. I like the idea of CERN having a jet that can travel at MACH 15. This explain how JOhne Ellis gives some many talks. Using anti-matter as a energy sorce has a minr flaw. I don't see how they gain energy from colliding the two beams. The iae is that they store anti-matter agter a collision at the LHC. Does Dab know that this has not actullay switched on yt. Also, what does hs have to do with the big bang. The creation of anti-matter happens all the time at accelerators. After reading Anges and Demons, I have lost faith in Dan Brown. Could it be that Jesus was not married (as it says in the the book the Da Vinci code). I can turn water into beer, as last night I said to the barman "take away that nasty glass of water, and bring me a beer. There is stll life in me."