Sunday, March 27, 2005


I have just spent a couple of days in Stockholm. I don't think I ever wanted to go to Sweden, but Ryan Air persuaded me wit ha cheap flight. I had a great time. Water surounds the city. The people are friendly and I didn't get hassle by beggers (a problem when I ma trying to read n the open). There was enough snow on the ground to make stuff look Nordic, but with out much chance of me falling on my backside. It did seem a bit expensive, but once I found the coffe and muffn deal at the 7-11, my food bills went straight down. I will post my experiences at the Nobel museum at a later date. It is time for some nice Sake. I read Norwegian Wood while on holiday. What a great book. I don't normally like love stories but this one was very moving. OK, there were three suicides, plenty of heavy drinking, and pointless sex. But what do you expectf a Love story set in the laste 60's.