Tuesday, September 05, 2006

more festival stuff

So it rained a bit last sunday while I was at the festival. It wasn't real hard rain, but just spitted for a while, just to let everyone know that with fun comes pain. The last band I saw on Sunday was Yo La Tengo. I thought that a long time ago that I had listened to and perhaps even owned a Yo La Tango CD. I wasn't really expecting a ballad based singer. I thought that Yo La Tango were some kind of interesting indie pop band, but the guys seemed to be a coldplay like clone. I never really understood why anyone liked bands like Coldplay. Wimp assed crap. This opinion is based on the fact that I have never managed to listen that long to a coldplay song. My record is maybe ten seconds. I did manage to listen to Yo La Tango a bit longer, but it is not wise to block your ears while walking away from a fsetival in am empty park, when you know that you still have to walk through two underpasses and over a motorway before you get to some Glasgow high rise buildings. Umm, now that I look at the band listing, I now think that the lats person to play was Antony and The Johnsons. And actually the band that I liked who were second to last were Yo La Tango. This makes more sense. Perhaps the review would have made more sense if there were like programs to but and I had not drunk so much beer. Still, I would like to point out that I still think Coldplay suck-- I didn't get that wrong.