Sunday, September 03, 2006

Indian summer

I am spending tha weekend at a summer musical festival in Glasgow called Indian Summer. This a two festival in park fairly close to where I work in the West End. The weather behaved itself. It was drizzling in the morning, but stopped when the bands came on stage. I am beginning to doubt whether I am still an Indky kid, because some the bands didn't to to much for me. The headliners were the "yeah yeahs". The lead singer was cute, but the sound was too happy for my gloomy taste. Of course I enjoyed the fall play. They had an angry intense sound and Mark was in good form. The audience liked it as well. I gave my thoughts on the fall to a microphone for radio6. I don't think I let Mark down, but I had drunk a large quantity of beer (just in case it started raining). I did spout conventional plattitudes. I am going to enjoy today's bands more