Monday, January 01, 2007

Beautiful Boxer

On new years eve I watched a DVD called Beautiful boxer. This was in the world cinema section at Blockbusters. I was hoping for a bit of mindless martial arts butt kicking. The film was about a transvestite kick boxer who fights to earn enough money for a sex change. This was your typical Van Damme clone film. I was hoping for something like the Ong Bak, but I suppose it cultivated my sensitive side. The film was based in Thailand. This film was meant to be based on true events. Anyone who knows about muay Thai would not even dare to take the pi*s out of a transvestite who fights in the ring. No one would want to get a knee to the head. It is never very clear to me whether the elbow to the top of the head is an effective technique. I would have thought that the bone is very thick there. Perhaps I will ask an expert. I still need to do more work on my sensitive side.