Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I have some kind of mild flu or cold at the moment. It is a dry cold, so I am not spraying snot around, but I have the fever so I can't think. I spent most day at working sitting front of my desk with my head in my hands, as I tried to get my grey cells to work. This kind of illness makes me look lazy. I don't look externally ill, but my brain is almost shut down. To cure this I usually stay in the flat and watch DVDs until the fever passes. As a bloke, I never liked to take pills and medicine for colds, because I have always felt this was unmanly in some way. I have now just scored two tablets of "Tesco max strength Cold and flu Capsules". So I feel like William Burroughs. Perhaps I will open a can of Stella later to see how far I can push myself into the interzone. From a pill for my cold, into the loving arms of Kate Moss, what a strange trip. No I don't need another pill. My DVD based cure for my cold involves watching: born to fight, pitfighter, and undead. Quality!