Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another pagan vicar

Although I have spent many years purging Christianity from my system, I still like to listen to "Sunday worship" on radio4, before I get up. Perhaps this is just a case of "plan B". That if my dissolute life gets too out of control, and I awake in a room full of empty bottles and bloodstained condoms, that I will see the light from some part of the sermon on Sunday workshop broadcast on the radio. I will get up and hunt for a church full of priests, rather than a church converted into a pub. If I find a friendly vicar, I will move my shaking body next to him, and whisper "save me! And I am ready for a woman in a bonnet, with a basket full of flowers. Which one is mine?" So you can imagine my disappointment when on the radio this morning, during the service from Glasgow cathedral, the priest started talking about how there was no sun when they walked into the Cathedral, but that the sun would be up when they left. Apart from the vicar's total lack of insight into Glasgow weather, it seemed very pagan to me. Normally, I am happy to hear the sound of the ancient pagan Gods, but what if I needed to be saved this weekend? I feel the need to write a strong letter to the Glasgow Herald newspaper.