Sunday, January 25, 2009

Onion scandal rant

As I get older I am starting to ramble a bit about quality of the food I eat. I am not a hard core food snob, but I am just not happy eating sliced white reprocessed bread. This food advice is coming from someone who just ate a steak and kidney pudding from a tin with 2005 printed on it. One food weakness I have is that I really love pickled onions. I assume that pickle onions can't cause me any harm, as chocolate and beer clearly do. here I assume that the bad breath and the need to fart are not bad things like getting cancer. It just amazes me at the supermarket to see jars of pickled onions at such different prices. Some jars cost three times as others. Are pickled onions going the way of caviar. I sometime get the cheap onions (credit crunch and all that), but then they don't have the right "kick". Even worse some jars don't taste good at all. The onions just look back at me and taunt me with their cheapness. For example I really like the onions in the jar on the left. But it is going to be a bit of an ordeal to eat those in the jar on the right. hopefully someone will read this post and send me a lifetime supply of pickled onions. I am such a blogging whore.