Saturday, July 28, 2012

Drinking cocktails in Wuppertal

I was ridiculously excited about the Elberfelder Cocktail festival -- well there was going to be booze.

After a week where it looked as though we were going to have a summer/. It was warm sunny this week, but as soon as there is an outdoor festival -- it started to rain.

I do worry that I might like drinking cocktails too much, when I go to festival with a Phil Collins tribute band, still some tasty cocktails can stop the sound pain.

So this year we watched some bands. I paced myself by drinking beer rather than long Island Ice teas all evening. At the start of the festival the place seemed a bit empty of people, mostly because of the rain. Later there were more people -- just as the bands stopped playing at 23:00.

Although a lot of people were drinking, there were not a lot of wasted crazy people. Although some of the dancers looked a bit weird.