Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A few pointless beers in the early evening in Plymouth

I went shopping after work. So after some chores, I felt I deserved a few beers. There is a weird feel to drinking beer in the early evening. I first went to the voodoo lounge, because it is close to the University. It was fairly empty at 18:30. I did start reading a bit more of the man in the maze. I next moved to the Brass Monkey -- a Wetherspoon pub. The place was full of old guys starting at their drinks . I had given up reading at this stage. I stood by the bar, but I left after a nice smelling woman stood by me as she waited with her man to be served.

The final pub I went to was close to my bus stop to get me home. A least that was my excuse. The pub was the Noah's Ark pub. This is not a student pub, so does tend to collect harden drinkers. I was just there to wait for my bus. When I went it there were two women at the bar. After a while, they left, as one woman pulled out a smoke. This just left us dad guy drinkers. After a while the  chick came back and she ordered a pint of beer. She looked as dejected as us beer staring classes. The woman serving started cleaning the menus in front of me in an aggressive manner.

I had enough, so I blasted the rest of my pint and went to the bus stop. The driver was smoking. When he had finished I got on the bus and we were away. At the first stop, an attractive woman with black hair got on the bus and sat close to me. The woman was perhaps late 30s or early 40s. I was planning our future together, before she got off. A few stops later, I got off and I walked home.

If I had not drunk the beer I would have read more of the man in the maze.