Sunday, May 25, 2014

From Dusk to Dawn (TV series)

Netflix have remade and extended the film: "From Dusk to Dawn" as a TV series. I enjoyed the original film, when it came out, but I don't view it as a really great film. It was fun, but still a little bit

So now there is a TV series. Given that I managed to watch all ten episodes, it is clear that I enjoyed it, because I normally give up, if a TV series is crap. It was strange to watch the early parts of the TV series, because they just expanded the film. The later episodes were essentially all new material, but these required some of the expanded earlier sections. So I guess I agree with the earlier review in the guardian.

One advantage of the film is that Tarentino is not in it. so the acting is a lot better.
The crazy brother is more sane from a crazy point of view.