Sunday, July 13, 2014

Drinking beer and the odd shot at Sunny Beach Bulgaria

I did drink a fair bit of booze while I was in Bulgaria. I didn't stay out after midnight and usually went back to the hotel before 22:00. I didn't drink  much in the evening.

I did drink beer with and after lunch until tea. I was on holiday right?

One of the bars I went to had this pole, which was used for dancing after 21:00. I used to go for  a beer and an Ouza, before I went back to the hotel in the afternoon. Also they had a young woman dance on the bar top as well. Note this is all open air, so is not a strip joint. I wasn't too keen on the music, otherwise I would have had a beer there in the evening. I like the music in the video.

One afternoon I did watch one woman learn how to use the pole. It looked a bit dangerous, especially when the dancer moves high up/

One afternoon I was in the bar. Some old sun tanned English guy starting talking to the barman. He claimed to have a big family with children and grand children. He had purchased some big apartment close to the sea with 20 rooms. For some reason he thought the flat was a brothel, because of the way the mirrors were hung.

At the end of afternoon I would go the hotel bar near the small pool. The picture shows the bar, when it started raining. It only rained for about two hours. As soon as the rain came, everyone left, but me.