Sunday, July 20, 2014

Would I be happier person if I was abducted by aliens?

There was an article in the Guardian about the end of personal blogging.

Would I be happier if I was abducted by aliens? Below are some of the possible advantages of alien abduction:

  • It would give an interesting story to talk about on Monday lunch time at work.
  • The medical  experiments the aliens might make on me,  might fix my ankle, or improve my flexibility. 
  • I might learn some useful physics from the aliens, which I could use to write some papers, and maybe win some prizes.
  • I could convert the experience into a science fiction book.

So not all bad. Of course the abduction would totally suck if it was for an extended period of time.
So, dear young person, this is what  a blog is for. A private space to write some random thoughts.
Of course if you take the view that I am trying to basically monetize my alien abduction, then this blog post  is just entrepreneurial.