Monday, April 11, 2016

Post gym beer and laughter

My flu session is slowly fading away. Last night I did manage to go to the gym. I didn't do a very hard workout. Afterwards, I went to Noah pub close to the bus stop for a beer and a glass of whisky. I wish I hadn't. There were a couple of old people in he pub, who were drunk and shouting.  The guy went up to the bar for another round of drinks. The barman refused to serve him, by telling him "he had enough." The guy wondered around complaining that he had been cut off because he was underage, although he was an OAP.

I thought it might get ugly. But I almost wanted him to come over and complain to me, so I could hit them. I don't know where this rage came from. Anyway they couple left quietely in the end. I finished my drink and got the bus home.

As I walked in the door of my flat. I could hear my next door neigbour laughing hysterically.