Sunday, April 10, 2016

Watching the Grand National

I am just getting over a bad week long session of flu. I can now bare the cold weather and don't feel like the chilly wind is God punishing me.  Last night I wa sitting in the pub, before going to my friend's house for some food. I was stood up, but the pub seemed more full than normal.

The Grand National was being shown on the TV. I wished I had put a bet on it, mostly because the winning horse had odds of 33 - 1.  It reminded me of watching the Grand National race, over 10 years ago in a pub  in London. We sat in the pub from about lunchtime until closing time without any food. At the end, I had to get some chips.

After watching the racing I went to another pub for a couple of cheap beers. I took the bus home at 8pm.

I would have bet on the last Samurai horse.