Sunday, July 10, 2016

Friday night in the pub

After work on Friday, I went to the gym. After the gym, I had a beer in the pub next door. The pub was called the Union Rooms.        . I intended to just stay for a beer or two, but ended up leaving about 12:30. It is a pub with a dance floor and a big garden. I often wonder where time goes when you are in a pub. At the end I switched to drinking coke, because my body can't cope with a big session any more. I do still feel ashamed of staying there so long. Now that I look at the web site, I see that it is open until 3:30 on a Friday night, so I did really go home early.

I did  notice that the modern trend is for many of women to buy cocktail jugs for themselves. They then dance with them. Not a great piece of insight about the modern world. Still I am exhausted and I need to do something to get my Mojo back.