Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Walking to work

On my way to work, I was just about to cross the road. On  the other side I saw a crinkly broken man walking around with oxygen.When I was in hospital last year one of the nurses told me how great the small oxygen kit was and how easy it was to  walk around with it.  I was not convinced and watching the guy slowly walk up the road, I thought I hope that isn't me in 5 years time. I walked fast, as much as I can and turned into another road.

Over the road, I saw what looked like a transvestite. Thee were wearing an old blue dress and some of the most solid high heel shoes I have seen. Of course it might have just been an old woman, whose face had been ravished by drinks and drugs. They crossed over to my side of the road just behind me, I could hear the clunk of their shoes on the ground, as I tried to whip my crippled body into a faster limp. Luckily, she turned off into the eye hospital.