Friday, January 13, 2006


I spent an afternoon in Newcastle on Wednesday. I have wanted to visit there for some time-- particularly after I saw the film "get carter". I was sort o expecting a lot of pubs with people wearing cloth caps and talking abouy wippets. Perhaps, my domino skills would finally be challenged. The centre of Newcasle seems to be one endless row of sports bars pubs. It became clear that my quest for a pint of draught Newcastle brown was just an empty urban myth. I did try to write some stuff at the terminals of the Virgin magastore, but I found that banned and objectionable content included the home page of the guardian and indpendent papers. What pained me the most was that I hadn't realised there was a castle in newcastle. When I did read about it in the guide book-- it did seem sort of obvious in a kind of humiltaing way. I expect I spent that too much time thinking of Newcastle brown and dog racing. When I was at school I did a project on castles. I have always felt bitter that I only got a B in that course, but perhaps the historians had a point, if you don't see that there is a castle in Newcastle then perhaps you don't deserve aan A grdae, no matter how mch you know anout 1066 abd burning cakes.