Sunday, January 15, 2006

The hidden blade

I went out to see the fil caled "the hidden blade" at the FACT cetre last night. This was set in Japan, just after the country opened up to the west. This was in the middle of the nineteen century if I remember correctly. The Samuri were having a hard time learning European warfare techniques. The scenes where they were learning to march were funny. Towards the end the Samuari were getting it. There was a rebellion soon after this peroid where many Samuri were beated by fott soldiers with guns. Anyway the story was partly a love story. The film was very beautiful with scenes of snow covered mountains. Of course I am not going to review any of this lovey-dovey crap, because there was a small amount of fighting as well. There was one duel where one person won using a "cowards technique". This involved almost turning your back on the opponent. A guards arm was broken using an efficient aiki technique. The hidden blade was a sword technique that was never really explained. I assumed that it was the was the hero killed the head retainer at the end, but I am not very sure. His sensi claimed it was not a real fighting technique, but it looked useful for assanation. This is more Ninja though. Watching the film made me feel good all day, perhaps more because I liked the maids smile and laughter, rather than the modest amount of fighting.