Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Being number one

I was explaining to my mum that even although I hadn't produced any grandchildren and that I don't have a full time job, I don't see how I can viewed as a failure because my web pages are at the top of the google rankings for "mcneile". As I was looking down the rankings I saw some very disturbing wikepedia enteries. The entry I worry about the most is that of Hugh McNeile. I am told that Rev. Hugh McNeile was an ancestor of mine. There will no doubt be some vast christian consperancy of people linking to his page that will knock my pages from number one. What hurts the most is that there is already a big statue of rev Hugh McNeile is St Georges's hall in Liverpool. The dude is dead. Why can't I be number one on google. I will take my fall from google grace with good cheer. Certainly no one should worry when the inevitable happens people will come into work and see a pool of blood seeping under my office door. When the door is kicked down, they will pull my blood stained finger from the screen where my lifeless corpse points to my web pages being second on google Perhaps I should set up a MySpace page for Rev Hugh McNeile. If he was a friend of Bryon, he probably liked chicks.