Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The BBC linked to a Times story about the 100 top web sites. As part of the comments, someone noted that they look at Julian Copes's web site for new underground music. So I checked out the site. Julian recommended the band "Vincent Black Shadow" as an album of the month. I am ashamed to say, that I looked up "vincent black shadow" on Amazon. I know that I have probably failed you for my lack of committment to underground music. Amazon found, a band called "The Vincent Black Shadow". But the the is different. I clicked on the link that Julian provided and his band provide tape and vinyl, and are below Amazon and myspace. I felt so ashamed. I frankly don't see how following Julian Cope's album of the month is going to get me laid more, still onward we must go. The Vincent Black Shadow is some kind of motorbike. How is this related to the vincent white lighting that Richard Thompson sang about? But what do I do about the amazon listing for the "The Vincent Black Shadow". One of the track listings looks cool. What would Julian do? Perhaps "The Vincent Black Shadow" are cooler than "Vincent Black Shadow". I have seen Julian Cope play at the student guild in Liverpool. He is the man, but for five pounds can I go wrong? There was a film where the woman split with a guy becaue hw used "my child" rather than "our child". Can we fall out over "the"?