Friday, August 18, 2006

I am going to allow Keanu Reeves to ,live

I have just been to see the film "a scanner darkly". This is the film of the book by Philip K. Dick. I was worried that Keanu Reeves would be bored and totally fuck this film up. I would then have to go round and give him a bit of a slap. Any way Reeves was on fine foem. As many of the reviewers have noted a large of the film is about stoners talking bollocks to each other. I can't help feeling that they are having a better time than me. It was first time I had been to the Grosvner cinema in the West End of Glasgow. There was a lonely corridor that I walked down. No one to take tickets. I was on my own at the start of the film. At the end of the film, I saw a couple in the half darkness huddeled together in a profesional manner staring at me. I walked back down the lonely corridor and out from the bar into the soaking rain. The puddles glistened and I walked over the bridge to my flat.