Sunday, April 20, 2008

Adam Green gig

Last week I went out to see Adam Green play at the Oran Mor venue in the fabulous venue in Glasgow. Adam Green was supported by Noah and the Whale. I was excited to see "Noah and the whale" because they get played a lot on radio 6. However, their set didn't do too much for me. Adam Green is a crooner. At the start of his set I thought his voice was going to get lost in the instruments. I like his songs and singing style. At the end of the set, there was a little mosh pit near the front of the stage. Adam Green was part of a band called "The Moldy Peaches". There is a new film, called Juno, out that uses some Moldy Peaches songs. This has made them more famous. The sound track for the film made number 1 in some US chart. Unfortunately, the filthy critic really hates both the film Juno and soundtrack by the Moldy Peaches. What am I to think? The filthy critic is like my style guru. I am so confused.