Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nuclear Energy in the 21st century

Last week I finished reading "Nuclear Energy in the 21st century". This book is a popular level book about nuclear power. It deals with all aspects of nuclear power, including mining the ore, transporting material, and the all important getting rid of the waste. It is clearly written by an enthusiast for nuclear power. The explanation of the science is brief but clear. In this age, where the LHC is sold as a telescope or a black hole factory, by Brian Cox and his merry band of publicists, it is pleasant to read something basic but clear. If feel slightly bad about even thinking about working in the nuclear industry, but it is not clear what else is going to power the modern world. Wind farms spoil the view from people's houses, so bring down property prices, hence are clearly no longer an option in the middle England. As for bio fuels, well what can I say.