Wednesday, December 31, 2008

books on bankers and their evil schemes

About the good thing about the financial crisis, is that I no longer need to worry that I don't understand what "fiscal derivatives" are for, now that these dumb f*ck bankers have destroyed the economy. However I have done a small amount of reading about the current credit crunch. About a month ago I read "The great crash 1929" by Galbraith. I have to admit I didn't really get to much from the book, as to why the crash in the 20s happened. It did make me laugh that at the time people kept saying "the fundamentals of the economy were firm", as the economy imploded. My cousin gave me "does anything eat bankers" by Andy Zaltman. This is book of amusing explanations of the current mess. So I am now educated, but still poor. I still have to read the book called "the tulip" by Anna Pavord. This book was about the speculation on tulips in the C18th.